How Do You Write Horror When You’re Not Scary?

When I write, it always seems to be sci-fi, horror, or just plain weird fiction.

I’m really not a scary person. In fact, I’m easily scared. I don’t really like horror movies or stories. I still hide under my covers when there’s a bump in the night. Basically, I’m a wuss.

So how do I write a horror story? The idea is in my head. I’m going to attempt writing this horror story for National Novel Writing Month. But I’m afraid of scaring myself into not wanting to write anymore!

It all started with a creepy dream I had about a man in a pig mask and a suit stalking around my neighborhood and beating up all my neighbors. The Pig Man character was so creepy that I just had to write a story about him. I’ve been planning, plotting, etc, but I think I’m too wussy to write the really scary parts that this novel needs. It needs the scary parts or it will just be lame, unexciting, and definitely not fun for the reader.

I’ve been trying to immerse myself in slightly darker material (movies, music, literature, etc.), but really, I don’t like to be scared! It always seems to come back into my head when I’m alone, and it’s dark, and I’m trying to sleep.

Horror writers of the blogging world, have any tips?


2 thoughts on “How Do You Write Horror When You’re Not Scary?

  1. That actually does sound really creepy. I LOVE horror, although I don’t write it myself. I hope you end up finishing this story because it sounds really cool. Good luck to you on this year’s NaNoWriMo!

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