The Long And Rainy Road

On most weekdays, my time spent in a car totals around two hours. Work is 35 miles from my house, which makes it a 70 mile round trip. This is the time I want to write. It’s the time I feel like writing. But it’s the one time I cannot write.

I dream of a day when automated cars will drive me to work, and I can spend my hours in traffic getting something productive done. My mind wanders as the traffic flies by. I think of some pretty good story ideas then.

I do, however, love audiobooks. And I ONLY listen to audiobooks when I’m commuting to work. It makes me look forward to the commute almost, to see what happens next in the story. I’ve been listening to a lot of sci-fi lately, both classic and modern. Neal Stephenson has been a particular favorite of mine over the past few months.

Can you suggest some audiobooks for me to listen to? I like action, lots of it! And suspense! And cliffhangers at the ends of chapters! And lovable characters!


3 thoughts on “The Long And Rainy Road

    • Oh, that sounds like a good one. And plus, it’s so nice to be read to. It all depends on the person reading also. Sometimes the narrator does different voices!

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