I didn’t like coffee until about a year ago, and now I drink the stuff almost daily, almost to a fault really. Whatever they brew here at work can barely be called coffee. It has a sour aftertaste, and I usually add a hefty spoonful of sugar to make it drinkable. Starting off a day with caffeine AND sugar is never a good idea.

It’s on Sunday mornings, at home during brunch, that we brew the really good stuff to go along with our eggs and pancakes and bacon. Those are the days I look forward to.

I first started drinking coffee when Dunkin’ Donuts gave away free iced coffees on Mondays. You would get their little card in the mail, and then get it take it in and get it punched every Monday for a free iced coffee. They did this for seven or eight weeks. I would always get the mocha or caramel, but eventually I started to think they were too sweet, so I began to take my coffee black or with only a little sugar.

And this is what brings me to donuts. Who really needs a donut with their coffee, or even plain for that matter? A cookie or a piece of chocolate is a fine indulgence, but a donut is absolutely overkill. Sugar frosted fried dough. Now, I’ll be the first to admit that when a donut craving comes along (once in a blue moon), I will go ahead and grab one. But sometimes I see people going crazy over them, eating them two at a time. If I eat a donut I feel like I have to sleep it off for a week. What’s the appeal?!


4 thoughts on “Donuts

  1. Get a stovetop Moka (Italian coffee) pot. Or a Turkish pot for that afternoon or after-work cup. The coffee is not too bitter, perfectly brewed, strong, and delicious. I hate feeling like a coffee snob, but most American-style coffee just doesn’t do it for me. Call me picky, but I like flavour in my coffee.

    • As do I…but the coffee at work is free, and because I work at a non-profit, I don’t think having the best coffee in the world is high on their priority list…

  2. Donuts? Are you kidding me? They are the fried delicacy of the gods. They are art that can not only be admired but devoured. Donuts are a carb-lover’s dream. Coffee, on the other hand? Swill of Satan.

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