Man of the Year

My novel for NaNoWriMo this year is tentatively titled Man of the Year.

It’s a horror story that takes place in 2027, about a young and successful real estate agent who suffers from heart failure, gets state-of-the-art surgery to replace his dying heart with the heart of a pig (because you can do that in the future), and then has horrific dreams of a man in a pig mask while trying to recover.

Is that crazy?

Would anyone want to read that?!

Am I crazy?!?

Anyway, how were your first few days of November?

For those of you writing, how did your first few thousand words go? Any surprises yet? Staying on track, or have you already fallen behind?  Keep at it. 26 days to go!


2 thoughts on “Man of the Year

  1. Masks are always scary. Animal masks are always scary. People in animal masks in dreams are definitely always scary. If you can NaNoWriMoWrite a convincing horror novel then you will have achieved something to be proud of.

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