Holiday Thought #2

Every time I am about to bite into an egg roll, I keep thinking I’m going to like it more than I did last time. I don’t really like egg rolls. I think it might be the cabbage. But every time I see one, I think, “That looks delicious! I’m going to eat it!”

And then I do.

And then I’m disappointed.

This isn’t some metaphor about being greedy and indulging in things you don’t want and don’t need and don’t even like (though you should take that into consideration).

It’s about egg rolls. I ate one last night. We always have them in the house around the holidays for some reason.


4 thoughts on “Holiday Thought #2

  1. Well, that was a bit random. 😉 But I do know the feeling – although with me, it’s with stuffing (that is, turkey stuffing). My mother apparently makes the best stuffing on the block and every single year I fall for my family’s ravings of how delicious it is. And then, of course, the inevitable nodding and smiling in that ‘why-on-earth-did-I-even-consider-doing-this-I-think-I’m-going-to-barf’ grimace.

    I think you know what I mean, yes? 😉

  2. Are you insane? Eggrolls are delicious! Fried springrolls are even better! Cabbage is great for your digestion. Or at least reminds you of what digestion really is. And the fact that eggrolls and springrolls are fried? Totally wonderful. I think you better rethink your Holiday Thought. On the other hand, eggrolls have not a lot to do with the holiday season, so what does it matter anyway?

    Never mind. I’ve had three glasses of wine and now I’m craving eggrolls. Thanks.

    • Ok, I admit, I’ve had really, really good spring rolls before. But they’re few and far between…and cabbage? I need to learn to like it. I know it’s good for me!

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