Post-Holiday Thought #1

Hey guys!

Did you stuff enough cheer into your past three weeks? Watch enough holiday movies? Eat enough crap? Sing enough carols? See enough relatives?


Were you extra generous? Extra kind or thoughtful? Did you give any special gifts? Did you serve up a holiday meal at a soup kitchen? Did you donate unwanted presents, or things that were replaced this holiday season?


Don’t worry, truth is you can do any of those things at any time throughout the year. I feel like people forget that too often. Soup kitchens have more than enough volunteers on Thanksgiving or Christmas Eve, but what about on March 21st, or August 2nd? You can sing carols and bake cookies in the middle of the summer, if you want. People might give you some looks, but go right ahead. Sit in bed and watch White Christmas in June, visit your relatives in February, give someone a gift in October.

Don’t limit the holiday cheer to one lousy month. Keep it up all year.


2 thoughts on “Post-Holiday Thought #1

  1. Excellent ideas! Plus, you’ve just given me something new to tell visitors in February when they stop by and ask why my Christmas tree is still up: “I’m still spreading Holiday cheer!” That sounds better than my idea to just leave the red decorations on it and dub it a “Valentine’s Day tree”. Happy New Year 🙂

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