25 Things That I Like

1. Cars that look like they have faces

2. Waking up to the smell of coffee

3. Finding the first penny of the new year (haven’t found a 2014 one yet, still looking)

4. Dogs that smile

5. Warm food on a cold day

6. Going down the same water slide again and again and again

7. Being alone in the woods

8. A long road trip

9. Smart uses of space

10. Getting a bath from a cat

11. Crossing the finish line

12. The sound of rain at night

13. Getting good gas mileage

14. Making someone smile

15. The internet

16. Those movie theaters where they let you have beer during the movie

17. Eating a piece of fruit or vegetable that I just picked

18. Dessert

19. Boat rides

20. Sounding smart when it matters

21. When paper is warm when it comes out of the printer

22. Extra dark chocolate

23. Getting packages in the mail

24. Lemon-flavored things. And maple-flavored things (does that count as two?)

25. You, dear Reader. YOU!