25 Things I Don’t Particularly Like

1. Asparagus

2. Misleading GPS directions

3. Stomach Flu

4. Crowded Places

5. Burned cookies

6. Stink Bugs

7. When I can’t find my sunglasses

8. Fighting

9. Extremists (any kind – they’re all the same)

10. Running out of “emergency chocolate”

11. Touching sticky things

12. Wasting paper

13. People who are mean to animals or other people

14. Popup ads (how do those still exist?)

15. Sticky notes that don’t have enough sticky to stick

16. Worrying about things that I can’t change

17. Replanting sharp cacti

18. Extinction

19. Really hot beverages

20. Wind

21. Dog breath

22. Entitlement

23. Semi-colons

24. Hangnails

25. Train wrecks


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