25 Things That I’ve Done in the Past 25 Years

Today, I turn 25, so here are 25 things that I’ve proudly accomplished in my life so far, in no particular order.

1. Graduated high school

2. Graduated college

3. Traveled to London

4. Traveled to Honduras

5. Learned to drive a car

6. Bought a car

7. Got a job, and another job, and another job, and another job, and another job

8. Lost a job

9. Climbed some rocks

10. Ran some races

11. Saw some concerts

12. Baked hundreds of cookies (quite possibly thousands)

13. Fell in love

14.  Got my heart broken

15. Learned to play piano

16. Attended weddings

17. Attended funerals

18. Wrote some stories

19. Smiled a lot

20. Made friends

21. Rode a camel

22. Lost friends

23. Made someone else feel good

24. Got kissed (hehe)

25. Adopted some cats