25 Things That I Like

1. Cars that look like they have faces

2. Waking up to the smell of coffee

3. Finding the first penny of the new year (haven’t found a 2014 one yet, still looking)

4. Dogs that smile

5. Warm food on a cold day

6. Going down the same water slide again and again and again

7. Being alone in the woods

8. A long road trip

9. Smart uses of space

10. Getting a bath from a cat

11. Crossing the finish line

12. The sound of rain at night

13. Getting good gas mileage

14. Making someone smile

15. The internet

16. Those movie theaters where they let you have beer during the movie

17. Eating a piece of fruit or vegetable that I just picked

18. Dessert

19. Boat rides

20. Sounding smart when it matters

21. When paper is warm when it comes out of the printer

22. Extra dark chocolate

23. Getting packages in the mail

24. Lemon-flavored things. And maple-flavored things (does that count as two?)

25. You, dear Reader. YOU!


Post-Holiday Thought #1

Hey guys!

Did you stuff enough cheer into your past three weeks? Watch enough holiday movies? Eat enough crap? Sing enough carols? See enough relatives?


Were you extra generous? Extra kind or thoughtful? Did you give any special gifts? Did you serve up a holiday meal at a soup kitchen? Did you donate unwanted presents, or things that were replaced this holiday season?


Don’t worry, truth is you can do any of those things at any time throughout the year. I feel like people forget that too often. Soup kitchens have more than enough volunteers on Thanksgiving or Christmas Eve, but what about on March 21st, or August 2nd? You can sing carols and bake cookies in the middle of the summer, if you want. People might give you some looks, but go right ahead. Sit in bed and watch White Christmas in June, visit your relatives in February, give someone a gift in October.

Don’t limit the holiday cheer to one lousy month. Keep it up all year.

Holiday Thought #6

So here I am…staring at a box of chocolates, wondering what lies under each of those chocolate shells.

I was hoping for toffee, or maybe buttercream, but I’m not really in the mood for caramel, and definitely not that strawberry crap. You know what I mean.


But how will I know? There is no “cheat sheet” in sight. The myth of a universal code for chocolates has pretty much been debunked.

I’ve had enough experience with chocolates to know that square ones tend to be caramels, and round ones tend to be creams, and ones with little bumps are coconut, and ones with big bumps are nuts, but who’s to say for sure?

Without being too Forrest Gump-y, I appreciate the mystery of life.


Today  was one of those mornings.

I awoke from a dream at 5:30 AM. In the dream, it was snowing and I couldn’t get to work. Well, sure enough, I look out the window and it’s snowing. But it’s only 5:30, and I have an hour before my alarm goes off, so I snuggle back under the covers and fall asleep.

At 6 AM, I wake up again. I just had another dream that it was snowing, and I couldn’t get in to work. So now that I’m awake, I look out the window and see that it’s still snowing. The street is white. Déjà vu.

I don’t hear any cars passing.

I drift off again.

And then I have the most vivid dream of all.

There is snow on the driveway, but not much. My father and I are there, surveying the situation. We open the garage door from the outside, and my cat is laying in the middle of the garage. Then I decide to go to work.

I wake up.

My father is downstairs making coffee. He decided to stay home for the day. I watch the news. The roads are clear enough for me to leave.


Maybe I should have taken a snow day.